Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Doctor..



 Yes, it was all about the Doctor..


 No, no, not this one!

However, any one of them will do..

In my travels last weekend, I was on the search for a gift for a knitting bud, he goes by the nickname, D.D. (a.k.a Doily Dude) and I wanted to find the perfect inspiration for a good giftie..

Hurrah! Eureka, I found the most perfect fabric,  already made up into do rags. 

At this point I am sure that you are wondering, what the heck does Dr. Who have to do with the do rags, right??

 Well, here is what the fabrics looked like.

 So I quickly came up to a great idea of making some needle bags for D. D.'s Birthday gift! Shhh, he has no idea what I am up to..

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh dear pup!

Well I am finally returning to sewing again.  It has been a long time.. Last year I bought some fleece for the dog in my life. Her name is Pika.  She is a chi - mix, chihuahua and basenji.  What a sweetie!
Well, last year I bought some Tiffany Blue fleece with the intention to make her a coat.  It is finally finished.

                                                        The adorable one

I was inspired by Miss Celie, who has a dynamite style and a most adorable Chi named Linus.

Using the same pattern, Simplicity 3939 I bit the bullet and cut out a medium. Pika has a rather large chest, so I knew that I needed this size.  I did change the sleeves a bit. My boyfriend and I joke,"Pika, you have Tyrannosaurus arms!"  I posted a review at Pattern review, so that is where you can find the details.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I returned from PR weekend this morning.  I am still pretty excited and tired at the same time. It was wonderful and joyful to see some friends from a while ago and meet some terrifically talented new friends.

Uh oh, I scored some new and some old favorite patterns!  Here they are..

 The Simplicity evening top separates contains my tried and true knit top in it.  I am so pleased to have regained the Tea Garden Tee shirt! I let that pattern go a few years back and am so happy to have found it again!

 The sewing mojo is back!!  

The Simplicity dress pattern (view C) is what I want to make next as a bathing suit coverup for swimming at the fitness club that I have recently joined.  It is an outdoor pool and I am tired of wrapping myself in towels as soon as I exit the pool. I am certain that I have the perfect fabric in my stash aka SABLE..  Yes, I now realize that my stash is quadrupling faster than the proverbial pair of  bunny rabbits !!

Acquisition  as to date: 7 free patterns, a miniscule amount of Ella Moss knit fabric (heavily and heavenly discounted!!) at Stone Mountain and Daughter, lots of laughter, some amazing new friends in LA and learning some new sewing tricks from the acclaimed Sandra Betzina.

What more can I ask for??

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's really going to be finished!!

Well, I am taking a small break from sewing  and finishing up the dress..

It's coming along quite nicely and I am excited to wear it. Glad to see that the weather is still lovely- not too hot and not too cold. So, Goldielocks of me, huh??

I need to have my boyfriend, G take a picture of me wearing the dress.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What was a misguided way!

Today I started crackin' on the dress.  Happy and eager from the get go, I realized that I needed something to stabilize the back shoulders of the dress, (that and the fact that I could not find the black thread that I bought)
so I ended up going to Joann fabrics.. I did return and stabilized the seams (the usual suspects). So, then it came time to sew the princess seams!!

At first it was a nightmare, I just could not figure out what was creating such a demon sized dilemma.

This was not something small like concentrated evil, this was Mothra sized!! I was lamenting and taking copious breaks.  That's when I realized, it's not me.  Could it be the pattern? Nah! What about my approach? No, I have sewn many a princess seam.  Then it dawned on me.  The sewing machine has- - are you ready?? TENSION problems!! 

That was it! Eureka or words to that effect, I figured out the problem. Now the seams look marvy!!

Yes, I did change the tension quite a bit . Now the seams look so much  better!!  For today, I just want to finish all of the princess seams and stabilize the back shoulder seams..

Stay tuned for the next part...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

jersey fabric
 Well here it is- the fabric! I am hoping that I have plenty of this lovely jersey print for my new dress. I can shorten the dress length- right now it is a tad too long for my taste.

Wow, has it really been that long??

Well, I thought that I ought to get back to blogging my process on my latest creation- a dress for PR weekend.  It all started out so innocently, when I found this simple pattern

I fell in love with it! Such simple clean lines, not particularly crazy about the neckline though..

Fast forward to a few weeks later- went to SF Fabrix in search of the fabric- no ponte in stock but found a lovely jersey inexpensive too!

Last weekend, a wonderful sewing bud assisted me with the fitting of the pattern.  I ended up tracing it off onto pattern paper( interfacing weight with grids) and had sewing bud pin fit me.  Well there's good news and more good news. Not too many changes had to be made- some work on the back and of course some sort of FBA in the front.