Thursday, December 22, 2016

Simplicity Pattern 8050 Vintage 1940s Dress Pattern

Simplicity Pattern 8050 Vintage 1940s Dress Pattern: This vintage Simplicity button front dress pattern from the 1940s features a view with seam details and braid trim on hem, bodice and collar, and a view with belt and contrast collar.

8242 A beautiful vintage pattern!!


Here is a new beauty of a pattern that I really adore!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The new and improved nightgown!!

 Well, I have started working on making my own version of the classic Hanro nightgown.

So I ended up buying the closest styled nightgown pattern- Kwik Sew 3980.

So, I decided to use some 4 way knit from my stash and am working on the muslin of it along, with a nice lace lingerie elastic.  I cut out the large size.

Did not need the darts on this at all. It's way too big!!

So, now I have pinned out the side seams on it and have started marking the adjusted side seam, with a sliver of soap.

As you can see, after marking the RSS, I have thread traced on top of the new line..

Monday, June 27, 2016

Feeling excited to get to work on finishing up the bags for the belated Birthday present. I am inspired after reading Shams latest blog entry on the most delicious jacket ever!

I even have the blouse pattern all cut out and queued up to get groovin.

Especially after going to LA, to visit with friends to go fabric shopping, museum viewing and pondering the ways of how to become more creative.

Rene' Lalique has been an inspiration of mine ever since I discovered him as a kidlet. The illustrations for jewelry design as well as the perfume bottles are sheer perfection!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Doctor..



 Yes, it was all about the Doctor..


 No, no, not this one!

However, any one of them will do..

In my travels last weekend, I was on the search for a gift for a knitting bud, he goes by the nickname, D.D. (a.k.a Doily Dude) and I wanted to find the perfect inspiration for a good giftie..

Hurrah! Eureka, I found the most perfect fabric,  already made up into do rags. 

At this point I am sure that you are wondering, what the heck does Dr. Who have to do with the do rags, right??

 Well, here is what the fabrics looked like.

 So I quickly came up to a great idea of making some needle bags for D. D.'s Birthday gift! Shhh, he has no idea what I am up to..