Monday, June 12, 2017

Beautiful baby hat is finished!!

Hooray! The latest sewing project is finished.  This all started with a trip down to Los Angeles last June, after the school year was over..  

Staying with a fellow sewing partner in crime, we decided to go to Mood Fabrics and The Sewing Store.

When I spied with my little eye, some gorgeous Liberty of London tana lawn tiny remnants.
Little did I know that the one flower print was to become the dominant print for the baby hat.

Fortunately enough, I have an extremely easy baby hat pattern that I had made previously and was able to easily cut all of the pieces from the tiny remnant! (The pattern is McCalls 4478 view A.)

But, I did need a contrasting fabric to go with it. What ever was I going to pair it with? I had nothing that would work that was already in my stash of fabrics, so I ended up going online and found the most glorious fabric at Jones and Vandermere. Based out of NYC. It is a dobby weave tana lawn, which adds a lovely texture to the fabric.

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