Sunday, April 21, 2013

What was a misguided way!

Today I started crackin' on the dress.  Happy and eager from the get go, I realized that I needed something to stabilize the back shoulders of the dress, (that and the fact that I could not find the black thread that I bought)
so I ended up going to Joann fabrics.. I did return and stabilized the seams (the usual suspects). So, then it came time to sew the princess seams!!

At first it was a nightmare, I just could not figure out what was creating such a demon sized dilemma.

This was not something small like concentrated evil, this was Mothra sized!! I was lamenting and taking copious breaks.  That's when I realized, it's not me.  Could it be the pattern? Nah! What about my approach? No, I have sewn many a princess seam.  Then it dawned on me.  The sewing machine has- - are you ready?? TENSION problems!! 

That was it! Eureka or words to that effect, I figured out the problem. Now the seams look marvy!!

Yes, I did change the tension quite a bit . Now the seams look so much  better!!  For today, I just want to finish all of the princess seams and stabilize the back shoulder seams..

Stay tuned for the next part...


Mary said...

My Elna loves to have the top thread be the same as the bobbin thread. It also loves Coats and Clark thread rather than Gutterman. ??

Jen Shaw said...

Really. Hmm, since I am sewing on a borrowed machine, I am still taking no chances. It's Gutermann for everything, since I can no longer find Molyneke thread.