Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh dear pup!

Well I am finally returning to sewing again.  It has been a long time.. Last year I bought some fleece for the dog in my life. Her name is Pika.  She is a chi - mix, chihuahua and basenji.  What a sweetie!
Well, last year I bought some Tiffany Blue fleece with the intention to make her a coat.  It is finally finished.

                                                        The adorable one

I was inspired by Miss Celie, who has a dynamite style and a most adorable Chi named Linus.

Using the same pattern, Simplicity 3939 I bit the bullet and cut out a medium. Pika has a rather large chest, so I knew that I needed this size.  I did change the sleeves a bit. My boyfriend and I joke,"Pika, you have Tyrannosaurus arms!"  I posted a review at Pattern review, so that is where you can find the details.

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