Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tonight's the night

This entry has no reference to the song by Rod Stewart at all! It just seemed apropos that I finally had the opportunity to make the new version of the cauliflower soup that I found online. I wanted one that has minimal dairy in it, so if I wanted to I could make a vegan version of the soup.

DH loved the aroma, as it simmered. Success!! We both loved this new recipe. For the first time I did use butter and tried it with a smattering of bleu cheese. DH chose to not try his serving with the cheese.

Here is the link to the new recipe!,1330,RC.html

It was the perfect dinner on a cold and rainy night.

Onto other great foods- there is nothing like a wonderful piece of candy or pastry treat.

There are two amazing stores here in San Francisco called miette. If you are ever here and you adore pastries in the patesserie tradition, find this shop!!

Of course I would mention this since I do love food!

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Angelia said...

Yum!!! Great sounding recipe!!
I like your blog already, sewing and food!!!
Thanks for the comment on my jeans... as you could tell I was super excited about them.