Sunday, December 30, 2007

HappyNew Year and other stuff..

Well this is a new thing for me to do, and the New Year is almost here. My plan is to have this as a journal of creativity which would include sewing, cooking and some other assorted bits of fun.

A little sewing history of my background.. I have been sewing in some form since I was six years old. The usual stitch cards, hand sewing attempts with Barbie doll and Dawn doll clothes. (Mostly strapless gowns with lots of trims and bits of lace..) Move forward to high school, when my mom felt that she was ready to teach me how to sew on her baby the Atlas machine! My first thing that I made for myself was a maroon wool A line skirt. Ever since that first skirt, I have been making clothing for myself, baby clothes for my niece and special gifts for friends and family.

Current projects..

As far as the sewing goes, still am in process of making a more fitted gored skirt out of a lovely Peruvian cotton lawn from Manhattan fabrics. I am using a pattern that was reviewed with glowing praise from PR. ( Butterick 4136) Since the fabric is so sheer, I have decided to make a coordinating slip. This of course entails a trek to a fabric shop, but which one? I may end up going to a new shop called Piedmont Fabric, which is down the street from Sew Images.

Here is the skirt so far.. yesh, the picture up above. I ended up going to Britex and found the cotton voile I want and the black satin ribbon that I want to add at the hem of the lining. Oh, I want the ribbon to be seen from below the skirt. I thought that it would be a nice touch to add.

The slacks (Vogue 7881) are slowly getting done. All that is left is to make the contour waistband and hem the slacks.

I have been futzing along with sewing due to bunny stuff- training the new buns I am fostering- Marley and Spike. They had their first big adventure- a long car trek and stay in the Sierra's. They are back home and snoozing or bounding in their room. The other buns Mr. Homer Jay and Babs are in their separate rooms.

Cooking- I am taking a bit of a break but have found some marvelous new recipes to try- sables ( a most delicious french cookie) and a new recipe for cauliflower soup. After testing the recipes, I will post the results.


Gorgeous Things said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, Jen!

Marita said...

Hello Jennifer,

Happy New Year!

What a lovely bunny:-) I think I started sewing about the same age that you did, with my granny's Singer and sewed right thru my finger, oooops:-(, that really hurt!

I have blog too, just haven't had time to write anything there yet.

Rhoto said...

Hi Jen!! Cute, fun, interesting blog!! Have FUN doing it!!
One suggestion: try a less cluttered photo of yourself. You have a cute, shy smile, but it is buried in kitchen stuff, eh!!
Warm(!) greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal (

keely said...

Hi Jennifer!
I'm just starting up a blog too - must be catching ;)