Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Allmost finished!

Wow, I am just so thrilled to have Georgene help me with the final fitting issues. She was able to tweak/finesse where the shoulder straps need to go, as well as the teeniest little easing to do between the princess seams on the embroidered eyelet. It also needed for me to take 1/4 of an inch out at the side seams. I think it looks pretty amazing, but with G's help I can not help be feel happy beyond belief!! I feel like I am one of those proverbial " Ladies who lunch" and have their dressmaker create such a special little frock for the summer months.

There is truly not much left to finish- now it is just finishing the lining of the bodice ( easy!!) and sewing the hem.

Pictures to come tomorrow at Lunch!! Going out for a special Bastille Day lunch, but will not divulge the dining establishment, just yet. :)

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