Saturday, May 7, 2011

onto the dress of the day..

Now that I have the time, the fabric is preshrinking and yet I am still pondering which stays a.k.a. boning, I would like to use for my dress. Of course after reading about using boning, I want to make a trip to Lacis (picking up the steel) to do samples with the ridgeline and the steel to make the ulitmate decision. I even picked up some grosgrain to make a waistline stay. If I am going to do this, I am going whole hog!

The best thing is about this is I am making the decision after A) reading about it in the latest issue of Threads ( May 2010), B) re-reading about boning in Couture Sewing Secrets from Australian Stitches and lastly seeing the Balenciaga exhibit at the de Young Museum last weekend. Now that is inspiration!!

It's amazing to think that I am so excited to finally cut out the dress this weekend.


shams said...

Steel boning, eh? You don't mess around! :)

Jen Shaw said...

Yup! So of course this necessitates a trip next weekend to Lacis. :)

So would you like to come??