Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The chemise/slip is nearing completion..

Wow, I am just so happy. My pattern alterations were pretty close to being a perfect fit. I just need to tweak the center back seam a bit before applying the trims.♦

I am always going to need to accommodate the small back and the sway back issue. That's the one thing I did not account for since the back pattern pieces were cut on the bias. I am going to post the picture of the almost completed chemise tonight.

Yay!! I can finally start the coat this week. I will need to take a picture of the pattern and the fabrics that I want to use for the two versions..


glorm said...

"..pretty close to a perfect fit." =pretty close to being priceless. And what does Homer think about all of this?

Jen Shaw said...

Homer is a happy bunny! Hi Gloria!