Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Must be Spring!!

Finally I am motivated to do more sewing. The plan is to finish making a sweetheart knit top to go with a simple gored skirt out of some really remarkable paisley poly georgette.( I just can not resist anything paisley) But first I need to find some fabric for lining the skirt and of course, so ribbon to trim the hem. Otherwise the skirt pattern and the fabric were up for grabs from the last gathering of the informal sewing gathering..
The top is just about done. I guess that I have an excuse to go find the ribbon and the lining fabric. Woo hoo!! I just need to decide where I want to go..maybe Satin Moon!


Marita said...

Hey Jen,
great pic! Here's an other one with a soft spot for paisleys,LOL!!!

Jennifer S said...

Thanks Marita!

Marita said...

Happy b-day:-)