Wednesday, July 2, 2008

bye bye June, Happy July

Everything seems to be moving fast, so fast! People( family members) moving, putting things into storage and slowly getting ready for my new classroom. Sewing?? Of course, there has to be some sewing! And of course the official adoption of the two bunnies that I am fostering- Sparley and Mike! Really it is Marley and Spike.

My latest sewing project entails embroidering ( by machine) English netting. So far the samples are okay, but.. not quite what I have expected. I am making yet another shrug out of the netting so that I can wear it over other shrugs or alone. I will have to post some pictures of the samples.

Last week, I picked up the attachment for my machine to do the circular embroidery, I have yet to get it to work.

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Marita said...

Happy B-day Jen<3 HUGS!!!!